Green Bay is McDaniel Guru’s sleeper team for week four

By Garrett Eagan, McDaniel Guru

After a 12-4 start in Week One for The Guru, high hopes loom for his odds making. In Week One, my top picks were Green Bay over Philadelphia, with no help from Brett Favre. Green Bay is one of my sleeper teams, but Philadelphia really dropped the ball, twice. Another one of my picks was Cincinnati over Baltimore on Monday night with the push-off seen around Baltimore County where the Ravens simply could not convert. Give them credit with a QB who played like the stud for the Bengals with 6 turnovers.

Week Two was not nice to me, finishing with a record of 7-7. NFC division games took me by surprise with the Redskins breaking their bad luck in Philly and the Packers manhandling the Giants. Both the Packers and the Redskins are two of my sleeper teams, and they proved that they both are capable of stirring up the NFC. Here are my picks for Week Four.

Green Bay 24 Minnesota 20: Both teams had a solid Week One defensively, taking away the ball from their opponents numerous times. Adrian Peterson showed that he has what it takes to carry this team, but I like the way the Packers are playing right now. Take Green Bay to edge this one out and go 4-0.

Chicago 17 Detroit 10: After a shaky Week One against the Raiders, Jon Kitna and Roy Williams are still looking to support their claims of an 11 win season. However, across the ball is one of the best defenses in the NFL. The only problem with “Da Bears” is the fact that Rex Grossman is their QB. Take Chicago over Detroit.

Pittsburgh 31 Arizona 17: With a stellar start from Ben Roethlisberger, it’s hard to pick against them. The Steelers still do not look as good as the 2005 season. Arizona’s 4th quarter loss in Week One against the 49ers is reminiscent of last season’s Monday night game against the Bears. I like how the Cardinals have some weapons, but it’s not enough. Steelers over the Cardinals.

Indianapolis 28 Denver 13: Denver’s last minute field goal shocked me. I thought that they would slaughter the Bills. Cutler did well to drive down the field in the 4th, but that will be tough to do against a revamped Indy D. There’s no questioning offense. Peyton, Wayne, Marvin, Clark, and Addai. Take the Colts 4-0 against the Broncos.

Dallas 27 St. Louis 13: St. Louis struggled in Week One, with their stud running back, Steven Jackson, only scoring one fantasy point (unheard of for a RB). Romo has been crisp this season, hooking up with Jason Witten and T.O. Even though I see problems down the road with only two true threats in the WR position, take Cowboys over the Rams.

New York (G) 21 Philadelphia 13: A classic NFC East match-up which is a lose situation for both Cowboys and Redskins fans. I liked Eli in Week One and the fact that he is rubbing some dirt on that shoulder and playing adds to the story. However, the shoulder could prevent him from throwing to Plaxico Burress for three touchdowns like in Week One. Take the G-Men over the Eagles.

New England 31 Cincinnati 17: Even with the controversy over stealing defensive play calls, New England has the tools to get them to another AFC Championship. Randy Moss has fit in nicely so far, with one touchdown and 183 yards. “Ocho Cinco” might not have the finesse to pull out a win even at home. Take Brady over Palmer, with Belichick’s eyes firmly fixated on the Cincinnati bench.

Baltimore 21 Cleveland 20: After a shaky start, the Ravens will rebound. Quarterback Steve McNair is not ready to lead this team to another playoff berth, and neither is Kyle Boller. The Ravens have questions on offense, and the Browns have questions on defense giving up 45 points last week. This will be the tightest pick of the week, take the Ravens, but it could go either way.

San Francisco 31 Seahawks 23: With Alex Smith and Frank Gore looking well, San Fran is the pick in this one. Alexander isn’t the same, and really neither is the rest of the team. Take the Niners in this one.

San Diego 38 Kansas City 20: After losing to the Texans in Week One, I have lost all trust in Herm Edwards and Larry Johnson. LT will run whenever and wherever he wants in this one, so expect this one to get ugly quick. Take the Chargers over the Chiefs.