Syd Knadler and Emma Perdue compete against Gettysburg on Nov. 16. Photo by Mackenzie Farley

McDaniel Women’s Swimming

McDaniel Women’s Swimming has created an entirely new record board over the last few years. The team practices over 20 hours per week during the season, leading to many individual conference medals,…

McDaniel's Wrestling team works during one of their practices. Photo by Jullienne Kay.

McDaniel Wrestling: Making the Weight

Everyone in the room was bundled up in sweaters, sweatpants, and even jackets. Getting ready to brave the fall weather? No, it’s just a normal 80 degree practice for the McDaniel Wrestling…

Athletic Director Paul Moyer. Photo by Lindsey Miller.

Life of Athletic Director Paul Moyer

Life as an athletic director isn’t as easy as it appears. At some point in every athlete’s life they consider being an athletic director. It looks like the perfect job,…