Talks of Ting at McDaniel have increased since the fiber internet infrastructure has gotten closer to campus. Image courtesy Pixabay.

The Future of Ting Fiber Internet at McDaniel

The possibility of a change to McDaniel internet is on the horizon. When Ting, an internet service provider and mobile virtual network operator, lit up in August of 2015 in Westminster,…


Image by Kyle Parks.

McAdvice: Procrastination

Everybody procrastinates; it’s common in the life of a college student. Unfortunately, most of us procrastinate too much and everything catches up to us. Well, I have the cure for…


Marsha P. Johnson was a primary figure in gaining rights for the LGBTQ community. Photo courtesy of Pixabay user naeimasgary.

Marsha P. Johnson’s Fight for Equality

On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that the ban against same-sex marriages was unconstitutional, legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. Many people recognize this has a major civil rights act…

Arts & Culture

"12 Steps: A Solo Performance Piece." Image courtesy of McDaniel College.

“12 Steps” Down Postmodernism

“12 Steps: A Solo Performance Piece,” written by Theater Professor Richard Sautter, delivered a combination of laughter and deep pondering the night of Feb. 11 in WMC Alumni Hall. The…