Kayla Malone and Eryn Rich of Zeta Phi Beta. Photo courtesy of Kayla Malone.

A New Era of Greek Life Philanthropy

Most of the time, when people hear of Greek life on college campuses, they immediately have negative connotations. However, students and Greek participants at McDaniel College are starting to change…

It's okay to take a day off. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Fotochoice Photography.

Taking “Personal Days” is Okay

Have you ever felt so overloaded with school work, clubs, meetings, and social activities that you wish you could just hide and watch Netflix all day? Admit it—yes, you have….

Fruit—one of the healthy eating options found on campus. Photo courtesy of Pixabay user elizadean.

The Freshman 15

Everyone comes to college having heard of the “freshman 15,” the 15 pounds that new students may or may not gain during their first year away at college. Whether it…


Ting: Faster than Fast

The Internet is used for the majority of tasks we perform in our technology-based society. We use it for our research, our restaurant reviews, and our news. Without the Internet,…

At Cinco de Mayo. From left: Fidel Alberto, Louis Hernandez, Manny Goyo, Edgardo Mejia, and Raul Alberto. Photo by James O'Connor.

McDaniel and the Restaurants of Westminster

Restaurants in the Westminster area truly benefit from the McDaniel Community. Homecoming, Spring Fling, and multiple athletic events draw large numbers of people to the Westminster area, and after these…

The Rock Salt Grille. Photo by Jullienne Kay.

What’s New Downtown: The RockSalt Grille

Harry’s is out and the RockSalt Grille is in. This oyster bar is officially moving into Westminster, becoming  an unusual—but exciting—addition to town. The RockSalt Grille sign above the door boasts the…

Image courtesy of Pixabay user InspiredImages. Licensed under Creative Commons 0.

McPlaylist of the Month: October

This playlist blends a mix of Top 40 hits with more independent artists, based around a theme of synth beats and EDM influences. Highlights include The Weeknd’s new single “Starboy,”…


60 Seconds: Current TV Binges

When not working on assignments, students like to relax while watching some shows. Students were asked what their current “binge” show is: Chris Spahn, sophomore, undecided Current binge: Steven Universe…

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

Trump Supporters: A Stigma

Editor’s note: this article was written before the string of sexual assault allegations regarding Mr. Trump. Geraci has not withdrawn his support. Among their generally more left-leaning peers, young Trump…