Project X or Spring Fling?

Photo by Kyle Parks.

If you’ve ever watched “Project X,” you know that it is a film for teen and young adults.

You also know that the movie is about three high school seniors who are tired of being wallflowers and finally try to make their mark by throwing a party. However, the innocent idea becomes a wild reality. The party soon involves drugs, alcohol, sex and a lot of property damage.

Although McDaniel’s annual Spring Fling is not quite comparable to “Project X,” it is something for the books and may be the most memorable and fun event of the year for students.

So, what is Spring Fling and what should first-year students expect?

Spring Fling is hosted by McDaniel’s Office of Student Engagement. The OSE’s purpose is to connect McDaniel students to opportunities on and off campus. According to OSE representative Cari Witherow, a sophomore, Spring Fling is a “campus-wide party.”

For the day-long event, OSE rents out inflatables and giant activity games. They also host mini activities such as tie-dyeing, obstacle courses, and climbers.

According to Witherow, Spring Fling is a day for having fun and relaxing. She said that first-year students should expect crowds, entertainment, and “a lot of take-home things to remember [Spring Fling] by.”

Junior Brittanee Ramos said that first-year students “should expect to be outside all day, a lot of fun, and getting to know people.”

According to Katie Holland, a sophomore, Spring Fling is a celebration of the school year coming to a close.

“The school gives students the opportunity to be big kids,” Holland said. “The school has big bouncy houses and inflatable games in the quad, DMC, and ANW.”

Holland recalled that last year during Spring Fling, there were funnel cakes, tie-dye shirts, and temporary tattoos.

Holland also noted the size of the campus-wide party. “North Village turns into a giant party that looks like something that would be in a stereotypical college movie,” she said.

She had some cautionary advice for first-year students as well.

“Be safe. Watch out for yourself and your friends if you’re going to drink,” she said. “It’s easy to get too caught up in the whole party atmosphere and overdo it.”

Holland also emphasized that first-year students should drink water, eat food, not take drinks from anyone else, and wear sunscreen.

Spring Fling takes place Friday through Sunday, usually in April.

First-year students should expect “a carnival at school,” Witherow stated. Most importantly, first-year students should just expect to have safe and careful fun, as their lives are more important than an epic party. Don’t try to relive “Project X!”