Spring Fling 2012

As yet another academic year comes to a close, McDaniel will again follow the tradition started 15 years ago by Mitchell Alexander- Spring Fling: an event for students to celebrate another year coming to an end.

Last year, Spring Fling took place in early April; however, this year it will not be occurring until April 21, marking four weeks until Commencement for the Class of 2012 along with the three week mark until non-seniors are released until next fall.

Five students were selected to serve on a planning committee and are responsible for planning Spring Fling, with Lindsey Henderson from Office of Student Engagement overseeing and making final decisions, especially pertaining to finances.

When the April 21 rolls around, the Quad between DMC and ANW Halls will be filled up with inflatables, along with a “Street Sign Station,” which will give students an opportunity to create traditional green street signs with whatever they desire to put on it. The Wellness Center will also be hosting a tye-dye. Approximately 12 student organizations will have tables set up with games and various activities.

Along with the inflatables and various stations, several bands will also be performing in one-hour segments throughout the afternoon. From noon until one, WMCR (McDaniel College Radio) will be DJ’ing, the student band “We Meet On Fridays” will be on from one until two, local band “Pasadena” will be up from two to three, followed by two more student bands “MK Ultra?” and “Just Friends” from three to four and four to five respectively.

Once nightfall hits, there will be a clubroom in the forum from 9 pm – 1 am for those students who don’t decide to drink and want a safe environment to have fun and socialize. Also, local rapper Paul Donahue will be rapping from 9:15 pm until 10 pm.

Overall, this year’s Spring Fling looks to be very promising. Junior Karly Ziegler, who is on the planning committee, says she’s excited for spring fling because “there will be much more to do this year, I just hope Mother Nature cooperates.”

She also suggests students have fun and bring a little bit of money with you because some organizations will be selling food and T-shirts among other things.