Allies President Amanda Berger while the "Stomp Out Homophobia" event. Photo by Kyle Parks.

A Week of Allies

The first week of April signifies the beginning of the spring for many students. However, for the McDaniel community, this week also signifies one other event: the celebration of sexual…

Sam Killerman entertained an audience while bringing up a story about gender and sexuality. Photo by Kyle Parks.

Pronouncing Metrosexuality

Early into his college career, Sam Killermann realized that others perceived him in an unexpected way: he was constantly assumed to be gay. In reality, however, Killermann eventually came to…

Image courtesy of Pixabay user stestu.

Unmasking Cuban Drag Culture

Despite recent moves towards diplomacy, and its very close proximity, Cuba remains a nation largely isolated from the U.S. Thus, those residing outside, at times, miss major reflection on what…