ACC hosts Chuseok celebration

Photo by Erin Pogue.

On Friday Oct. 6, the Asian Community Coalition hosted their second annual Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving.

This year the event fell on the third day of the Chuseok celebration. The event, which has been in planning for about a month, is a traditional Korean day of festivities to give thanks to one’s ancestors.

There was a wide array of Korean foods, such as kimchi rice, bulgogi (a beef dish), pajeon (scallion pancakes), white rice, vegetarian dumplings, and san jeok (crab skewers).

The ingredients for the dishes came from a few local stores, as well as H-Mart, a Korean specialty store. This allowed ACC to find ingredients not normally available in Westminster. The members of ACC made all the food. One member, Soyoung Jeon, is from South Korea, and had experience cooking Korean foods.

This event came about through the club members’ interest in Korean culture and their desire to explore it. This is the club’s second event highlighting Korea after Seoul Food night last year.

Abigail Rose-Craver, a senior and the president of ACC, stated that her favorite part of the event was working together to cook all of the dishes. “It takes so many people to make the dishes, it’s really a team effort and a great team building activity for the club to do.”

Rose-Craver also said that the dinner provided members with new recipes to use either at home or for other ACC events. Many of them had never tried these dishes before, and thus discovered new favorites.

This dinner and other events from ACC are a great way to experience the food and festivals of other cultures. The club meets Fridays at 5 p.m. in Hill 104, and will continue to have fun events throughout the year.