Articles by Kyle Parks

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

The Twenty First Century’s Watergate?

After special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to the Russia Investigation on May 17, 2017, President Donald Trump attempted to fire him. However, the president backed off in response to…

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Alumni: McDaniel’s Legacy, History, and Future

Through McDaniel College’s Student Alumni Council, the school’s graduates come back to work with students who share their interests and former majors. Now, the Class of 2015’s Erin Giles hopes to create the…

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It’s Recruitment Season!

This week is recruitment week for Greek life at McDaniel, and women are getting ready for rounds. Sororities are decorating their club rooms, getting outfits ready, and working hard to…

Photo by Katie Clawson.

Dana Ferraris, Teacher and Entrepreneur

Dana Ferraris, professor at McDaniel College, spends his Sunday mornings running the Kismet Café, alongside his wife, Lana. Ferraris and his wife opened their café on March 2014. “Kismet” means…

Photo by Adrian Stanley.

Music with “Staying Power”

Guitars line the walls, pianos sit on the floor, and the sounds of brass and woodwind instruments can be heard emanating from the teaching rooms in the back. The welcoming…

Duvall second from left.
Image Courtesy of McDaniel College

The Success of Many Stems From One

Throughout the past few years, the business department has benefitted from a certain faculty member. There have been many professors that have contributed to the department’s success, but especially Kerry Duvall….


20,000 Leagues Above my Expectations

“Justice League” is the comic-bookest comic book movie I’ve ever seen. There are boomtubes and motherboxes and parademons, beautiful Jack Kirby nonsense. There’s Aquaman, chugging whiskey in slow motion while…