Senior Profile: Abi Rose-Craver

Photo courtesy of Abi Rose-Craver.
What is your preferred name?
What is your major and minor?
Social Work, Spanish, minor in Latino and Latin American Studies
What are some of the jobs you held while at McDaniel?
I’ve been working in Advancement Services since sophomore year and I’ve been an international peer mentor for 2 years now. These have been great opportunities to meet some really neat people. I also love my mentees.
What organizations were you a part of at McDaniel? What positions did you hold?
I’m a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, and at one point I was secretary. I have 4 littles, 3 grandlittles, and at least 5 great-grandlittles in my family tree. I’ve been a member of the Asian Community Coalition for all 4 years, and I’ve held the positions of Treasurer, VP, and President. I’m also an active member of Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society. We plan educational and social awareness events throughout the year.
Did you enjoy your time at McDaniel? How?
Despite the roadblocks along the way, I can say with confidence that I received a top notch education. Even if the school’s location and resources weren’t the best as compared to those at my friends’ colleges, I was here for the education and that’s exactly what I got. I definitely feel prepared for grad school and my future career as a social worker. I also am grateful for the close faculty relationships I encountered through the years.
Who do you think is/was your best mentor(s)?
I have so much respect for the professors in the Social Work and World Language departments. They not only were teachers but became invaluable sources of support through my time at McDaniel. Dr. Amy McNichols was especially influential through these 4 years for challenging me to become a better student in Spanish and helping to navigate a somewhat rocky semester abroad. She also encouraged me to recognize my own confidence to become a leader on campus. I can’t say enough good things- she has just been an overall amazing, strong role model in my young adult life.
What is your best memory at McDaniel?
I’ve really enjoyed my time with my social work peers, especially in the last 2 years. There are only 14 of us in the class of 2018 and we’re such a close-knit group. It sounds a bit utopic, but we all have so much love and support for our fellow classmates in the major. There is no cut-throat environment- we all want each other to succeed, literally each and every one of us. I don’t think I would’ve found this in any other major. If someone is having an emotionally draining week at field placement or just a bad day in general, we can always count on one another. It’s definitely going to be hard saying goodbye to them at the end of the year.
What were some of the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?
After my semester abroad I came back to find that my core friend group had pretty much dissolved as people grew apart or transferred. I just had to keep moving forward and decided to take care of the friendships that still remained. I made a couple of new friends along the way, so it can get better.
What are your plans for after graduation?
I’m enrolled in an Advanced Standing program at West Chester University to get my MSW, so I’ll be getting my master’s this time next year. I also have my field placement set up at Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine in Springfield, PA. There, I’ll be doing case management for their behavioral health center.
What advice can you give to those not graduating?
Just keep swimming! It’ll all be over soon.
Is there anything else you want to share with the McDaniel community?
When it’s your turn, support the Senior Class Gift! Even if you don’t believe in contributing to the general fund (where your money can go basically anywhere), you can still donate to specific departments or causes. Please keep in mind the special people who made a positive impact on your journey!