Senior Profile: Alex Tolle

Photo courtesy of Alex Tolle.

What is your preferred name?

Alex Tolle

What is your major and minor?

Communication/Theatre Arts double major

What are some of the jobs you held while at McDaniel?

Since sophomore year, I have been a Student Ambassador for the Admissions department. Junior year I was a peer mentor, and this year I began working for the Communications and Marketing department.

What organizations were you a part of at McDaniel? What positions did you hold?

Since my freshman year, I’ve been a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the National Theatre Honors Fraternity. I served as its Vice President for the 2017/18 Academic Year.

My sophomore year, I joined Phi Alpha Mu, a social sorority, where I held positions like Vice President and Recruitment Chair.

Did you enjoy your time at McDaniel? How?

I truly have enjoyed my time at McDaniel because I met so many people who have had an impact on my life, and that I know will be in my life for a long time to come.

Who do you think is/was your best mentor(s)?

My best mentors are my theatre professors Elizabeth van den Berg and Gené Fouché. They’re strong, talented, and inspirational women. They encourage me and make me laugh, but are also the voice of reason and discipline when I need it. I am who I am today because of their constant guidance.

What is your best memory at McDaniel?

It’s hard to pick just one, but attending the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) January of this year ranks pretty high up there. I had an incredible time with my friends and professor Elizabeth, and thanks to their support I won a National Arts Leadership Award that took me to the Kennedy Center in April – added bonus.

What were some of the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

The stress can sometimes be a hard burden to bear. There have been times where I have been incredibly overwhelmed and exhausted both emotionally and physically. To overcome this, I just tried to manage my time to the best of my ability and sometimes just took a moment to breathe, spend some time with friends, and do self-care.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I plan to go into the field of arts administration to continue my love of theatre and the arts. I also hope to audition for some shows on the side, because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly shake the performing bug.

What advice can you give to those not graduating?

You’re going to blink and you’re going to be graduating. It’s crazy how fast time is going to move. Enjoy every second of it. Journal, take pictures, collect mementos. These are the memories you’re going to look back on – don’t let them slip away.

Is there anything else you want to share with the McDaniel community?

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”