Senior Profile: Erin Giles

Erin Giles

Erin Giles: communication major, art history minor, Peer Mentor. These are but a few of the qualifiers given to Erin.

Everyone at McDaniel knows who Erin Giles is. But, do we really know who she is?

During her time at McDaniel, Erin work for the Admissions Office as a back office worker and as an ambassador. She also worked for the First Year Program as a peer mentor for three years in a row. Off-campus, she worked as a part-time account manager at Startup Local, and as a babysitter whenever possible.

Aside from that, she’s part of multiple clubs and organization on campus. Among these are the Student Alumni Council, for which she moved up the ranks to become President; Yearbook, for which she is Co-Editor; and the Communication Coalition, for which she is founder and president. Academic wise, she was part of Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Lambda Pi Eta, Eikon Texnh E’ Ekphrasis, and Omicron Delta Kappa.

As a peer mentor, Erin has experience many situation, both good and bad. However, she does not let bad experience put her down. In regards to her experience as a peer mentor, Erin states, “Once a mentee, always a mentee. I tried my best to stay connected with each class of mentees from my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. I absolutely LOVED being their first connection on campus, but the best reward was seeing them make their own friends and find their own passions here. It brought me so much joy to know that I might have helped them get acquainted to life here on the Hill, and I hope they know how much they mean to me!”

“Another huge highlight of my time here was being able to be the campaign manager for my best friend’s Allegany County Commissioner election” says Erin in regards to past experiences at McDaniel. “I received incredible support from the McDaniel community, which made it possible for me to balance my campaign volunteering with my McDaniel life.”

Reminiscing about her time at McDaniel, Erin shares, “Choosing McDaniel was the absolute best decision I ever made!  Here on the Hill I met my best friends, my boyfriend, and countless professors, faculty, and staff who challenged me and supported me.” For Erin, it is the people that makes McDaniel special, and as she puts it, “Strangers become family.”

Erin attributes her success at McDaniel to the excellent mentors the school offers. “I am indebted to the following people who served as incredible mentors, supporters, and encouragers: Dr. Gretchen McKay, Dr. Robert Trader, Dr. Deb Vance, Dawn Gold, Laura O’Leary, Cathy Gunther, Don Hobart, and Janice Hobart ’63”

Like any other student at McDaniel, Erin went through some difficulties during her time at the Hill. “I really had to learn how to say “no” and to not overcommit when my schedule was already jam-packed!” explains Erin in regards to offering her help to the community. She finishes by explaining how she overcame this obstacle. “Time management helped, but I still had to make sure I didn’t make promises that I couldn’t keep. Additionally, I learned to make “relaxation time” for myself every day so I could wind down from the day.”

When asked about any funny memory from her time at McDaniel, Erin shares, “One time, Campus Safety called me at 7pm (when it was dark, in the middle of a snowstorm) and told me I had to move my car to a different parking lot because they were going to plow. I had no problem moving it, but I wish I could have done it in the daytime!  I’ve cleared off my car during the day ever since, just in case.”

After graduation, Erin will pursue her Masters of Arts in Communication at the Johns Hopkins University.

Erin’s words of wisdom: “Don’t be afraid to be busy! Put yourself out there and get involved. Whatever your passion is (or, whatever your passions are), follow through!”