Senior Profile: Foster McDaniel

Foster McDaniel and Mary Yates playing around at a parking lot.

An English major, a tour guide, an OSE summer and winter intern, a peer mentor, a parent preview guide. These are only a few of the qualifications of Foster.

In his four years at McDaniel, Foster has been part of multiple organizations. “Lord, what am I not apart of!” exclaims Foster. Some of the organizations he’s part of include Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Dangersauce, Relay for Life Planning Committee, Greek Week Committee, IFC interim president, Order of Omega, Beta Alpha Chi, The Boys and Girls Club, and Alpha Sigma Phi.

When asked for his plans after graduation, he states,  “My plans changed halfway through the fall semester. I dropped the Education minor to pursue a career in student affairs. I applied to a bunch of different grad. programs, and finally accepted the offer at Illinois State University. I got an amazing assistantship at Lincoln College as the Coordinator of New Student Orientation and Student Activities. The assistantship comes with an apartment, pays my tuition at Illinois State, and pays me each month. It’s going to be crazy and I’m nervous, but excited!”

In regards to his experience at McDaniel, Foster reminisces, “Honestly, I hated it here at first. I wanted to transfer by the end of my freshman year, but then I got involved and met more people. I can’t imagine transferring at this point. I don’t regret the decision to stay here, and I’ve really enjoyed McDaniel over the past few years.”

Foster’s achievements are a combination of hard work and assistance from mentors. Some of the staff and faculty members behind his success are Christine Workman, Kelly Harvey, and Dawn Gold, in the Admissions office. “[they were] the ones who started talking to me about the student affairs profession and helped me through the process of grad school” states Foster.

Academically, he thanks Dr. Mary and Dr. Kachur. “[they] have helped me so much academically. Both pushed me to think about literature in different ways. They have helped me get through classes and make sure that I graduate on time” states Foster.

Foster’s words of wisdom: “Get involved and get active… and learn to tolerate difficult people productively.”