Senior Profile: Ren Stein

Ren Stein (Image courtesy of Stein)

Ren Stein is a French and art history double major working for the International Programs Office and the Art History Department as slide archivist.

She has been part of multiple clubs and organizations at McDaniel, including Allies and the French Club.

Ren Stein is among the few students who decided to graduate early. When asked the reason behind her decision, she states, “Graduating in three years was something I knew all along. In high school, I knew I wanted to get out and start my life as soon as possible. That prompted me to take tons of college courses and exams during high school in order to assist in this goal.”

Making this decision came with criticism from family, peers, and faculty. “I ran into my fair share of, “Are you sure?” and “Oh. Well, we’ll see.” Generally these came from concerned peers or faculty, and not necessarily from disbelief or criticism. Nevertheless, it’s important to believe in yourself because you are the only one who truly knows your limits and abilities” says Ren.

After McDaniel, Ren intends to join the workforce immediately. Ren admits that, eventually, she will return to school to earn her masters degree, but for the meantime she will enjoy life.

Ren’s words of wisdom: “College is not necessarily for everyone, and there’s no shame in quitting before you’re in too deep. Loans are a huge commitment. If you do stick it out, make your time at college count. Take the opportunity to befriend your professors. I cannot stress this enough.”