It’s so hard to say goodbye: The Free Press Seniors

Kelsey Mannix and Melanie Ojwang. Not Pictured: Danielle Fatzinger. Photo by Jimmy Calderon

Another academic year has come to conclusion, and with it a new class graduates. This year we say goodbye to the Class of 2016, a group of people with strong academic achievements, passion for community service, and multiple accomplishments. And though these qualities apply to the class as a whole, they also describe three individuals in specific.

Melanie Ojwang, Kelsey Mannix, and Danielle Fatzinger, today we say goodbye to you. Through your dedication and hard work within the Free Press, not only you have informed the McDaniel community about topics of their interest but also have promoted change to happen in our community. And even though this year we were short in staff, your optimism and dedication to the Free Press kept us alive, regardless of the fact you were busy with your capstones and with other organizations on campus.

Kelsey and Melanie posing with next year's editor-in-chief, Kyle Parks. Photo by Jimmy Calderon

Kelsey and Melanie posing with next year’s editor-in-chief, Kyle Parks. Photo by Jimmy Calderon

You have become an example for the writers staying and for the writers to come. Your hard work will always be remembered and your passion for journalism will always be an inspiration for us. You have passed the torch to the next editor-in-chief, but your memory will always remain with us.

In braking with the tradition, I have decided to feature you as three separate profiles only because your achievements are too many to include in a single article.

With this parting words, I want to thank you for inspiring us and encouraging us to be the best writers we can be. You did it guys! Now go and celebrate your victory.