Art and Art History Department

Untitled by Julia Celebrado-Royer. Photo by Shane Braden.

Notions of Place: A Photo Essay

McDaniel College’s Art and Art History Department welcomes back four alumnae for their most recent gallery opening: “Notions of Place: Four Alumnae, Four Interpretations.” The exhibition takes place in Peterson Hall’s…

"Leeuwenhoek's Dream," one of the pieces of art exhibited in SKEPSIS.

SKEPSIS: Where Science and Art Meet

In McDaniel College’s Rice Gallery sits an exhibition that encourages investigation and an eye towards discovery: “SKEPSIS” by Breon Gilleran. The investigative aspects of the exhibition are noticeable from the…

Kyle Bauer's "don't fly too close to the sun"

Modern Daedalus

Kyle J. Bauer’s exhibit of various geometric, mixed-media sculptures, titled “don’t fly too close to the sun,” referencing the myth of Icarus, currently inhabits the Rice Gallery on the top…