McDaniel Cultural Events – End of Fall Semester

Musicians performing Luigi Boccherini’s Sextet in f minor, G. 457, photo credit Jimmy Calderon

The end of the semester can be a time of stress due to the overload of assignments, the flitting of the remaining days of the semester, and the anxiety of the holidays. The end of the semester is also the time for the most cultural events at McDaniel—including art exhibitions, theater shows, and concerts—, all of which can help reduce the stress of the end of the semester.

Here is a brief overlook of the upcoming cultural events.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Photo courtesy of McDaniel College

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Photo courtesy of McDaniel College

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Unlike other adaptations of the renown fairy-tale, this panto adaptation promises to keep the audience interested with its narrative and use of special effects—which may or may not include pyrotechnics. For those who may be curious about what a panto is, let me define it for you: a panto is a traditional fairy-tale exaggerated characters, music, dances, and public participation. Definitely, this panto is one cultural event that must not be missed.

The show times are from Nov. 19-21 at 7:30pm and Dec. 18-19 at 7pm in WMC Alumni Hall. Cost of attendance is $8 for students and $10 for adults.

Student Voice and Piano Recital

Show your support for the Music Department and the students within this department by attending the Student Voice and Piano Recital on Nov. 20 at 7:30 pm in Levine Recital Hall. This recital features students performers and the songs they have been preparing throughout the semester. This is one of those events that typically go unnoticed, but it’s definitely one that most people enjoy.

“Alternative Cartographies: Artists Claiming Public Space”

This art exhibition presents the concept of space through the exploration of international barriers, public spaces—both ‘seen’ and ‘hidden’—and the transferring of language into space. The exhibition, unlike others at the Rice Gallery, is a collection of pieces from different artists. The gallery will be open to the public at the Rice Gallery until Dec. 18.

McDaniel's College Choir. Photo courtesy of McDaniel College

McDaniel’s College Choir. Photo courtesy of McDaniel College

McDaniel Choir Concerts

The Fall Semester always features two choir concerts: the Holiday College Choir Concert and the Gospel Choir Concert. Both of these concerts feature the musical talent and a capella abilities of McDaniel students. Attending either, or both, concerts is definitely an uplifting experience. College Choir happens on Nov. 22 at 7 pm in Big Baker. Gospel Choir happens on Dec. 6 at 3 pm in WMC Alumni Hall.

Africa’s Legacy Sankofa Dinner

Perhaps one of the few cultural events to include food, Africa’s Legacy Sankofa is an event that features the wide variety of cultures in the African continent—including dances, traditional dishes, songs, stories, clothes, etc. The event will take place on Nov. 19 at 6pm in the Forum. Tickets will be sold outside of Glar throughout the week. For any questions, feel free to contact Africa’s Legacy at

Ensemble Concerts

The end of the semester brings three ensemble concerts: Jazz Band, College Band, and Symphony Orchestra. For all the lovers of Jazz music, this is your night. Jazz Night features McDaniel’s Jazz Band and all the songs they have been working on throughout the semester. This concert will be held on Dec. 3 at 7pm in the Forum.

College Band features McDaniel students doing one of the many things they enjoy: bringing music and joy to the people. This concert will happen on Dec. 4 at 7 pm in WMC Alumni Hall.

The last of the three ensemble concerts features Westminster Symphony Orchestra, a mixed of McDaniel students and members of the Westminster community. The concert will take place on Dec. 5 at 3pm in WMC Alumni Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend these concerts and enjoy the music.