Spring Fling: A Day to Remember

Spring Fling. What a day to remember. Before my 1st experience with Spring Fling, I didn’t know what to expect because of the wide range of rumors surrounding the event. Some said it’s a day where North Village turns into a scene straight from Animal House or Project X where alcohol and partying were commonplace. Others said it is a day of unity on campus where everyone is social and the level of interaction is at an all time high.

People passed out on the grass while others drinking openly were some of the lowlights for the event. The highlights for me included seeing someone light their hair on fire and someone else burning a kitchen floor with coals from a hookah. But hands down, the most memorable image of Spring Fling for me was seeing someone take an empty beer can, rip it in half and use it as a shot glass. Yeah, that was definitely my Welcome to College moment.

North Village truly turned from a quiet, peaceful apartment complex to a gigantic party that housed a vast majority of the campus population. North Village was filled with a wide array of music, games and people all conjoined onto the complex. Some danced to Blurred Lines, singing every word while others nodded their heads to Katy Perry, everyone was in a great mood during Spring Fling. I got the opportunity to see McDaniel College at its finest, the entire community came together as one to have fun and participate in all the festivities.

From Greek Organizations to sports teams, everyone came together on Spring Fling and partied together. The icing on the cake was the beautiful weather; bright and cloudless skies dominated the eventful Saturday.