The Lighter Side of Campus Safety

Three reports of cooking smoke this week. This is getting out of hand, guys.

Another student was caught for a malicious burning in the library. Are book burnings still a thing? Also part of that charge was malicious destruction of property. I know late nights in the library are boring. I don’t like ‘em either. But come on…

Another report of destruction of property occurred inside Decker College Center as well. Why the library and the main campus building were the locations of such outlandish behavior we may never understand.

One student was taken in to Campus Safety to be questioned and, while inside, was then put on file for harassment within the building. Bold move, buddy.

As was to be expected, we had an alcohol possession in Whiteford Hall. You can’t be doing that stuff.

In Blanche Ward Hall a student was reported for providing alcohol to a minor.

A group of students were taken in for larceny in the football stadium and for destruction of property in the new building underneath the seats. I mean, there’s a road that goes right behind the stadium that Campus Safety patrols regularly…

Two separate accounts of marijuana possession and paraphernalia went down in Rouzer Hall this week, as well.