Make liberty win: McDaniel’s Young Americans for Liberty

Photo courtesy of McDaniel Young Americans for Liberty.

McDaniel’s Young Americans for Liberty club offers an alternative view of politics to college students.

YAL brings a focus to personal liberties and rights in a time of great political divide. Their goal is to educate students on the growing pro-liberty movement and encourage students to engage in political discussion.

YAL is a nationwide pro-liberty organization with a focus on educating others about Libertarian values. Students of McDaniel’s chapter of YAL meet in Hill Hall room 323 every Thursday at 6 p.m. to engage in open discussions about current events, civil liberties and the foundation’s values and ideologies.

With the spring semester already in full swing, YAL hopes to kick off the season with a recruitment event this upcoming week.

“Our events last semester were pretty successful. We had Constitution Day and our Halloween event ‘YAL-oween’,” said the club’s recruitment director, Jack Ujvary. “We held events outside, so we’re hoping with the warmer weather we will have better turnouts.”

This semester, YAL has events such as “Ax the Tax,” a tax-season themed event, and the “Free Speech Ball,” an event allowing students to exercise their First Amendment Rights.

These events can be informative ways to learn more about the organization, but what is essential for the student to know beforehand? The core belief that YAL represents, according to the club’s president Clint Wright, is individual freedom.

“We believe that individuals are the solutions to problems, not the government, and we value the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,” Wright said.

Although YAL is a Libertarian-based club, its members welcome those from all political parties and beliefs: Centrists, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and many others are all welcome.

“We’re open to all,” said Ujvary. “If you can state your views respectfully and be open to debate, you’re welcome to come.”

Last semester, the club held a debate on abortion during one of its meetings. There were students on both sides of the debate, and even though there were many opinionated voices, they all remained respectful, according to YAL members.

Young Americans for Liberty invites all to participate in their upcoming events and encourages interested students to come take part in one of their meetings. Pay attention for upcoming events outside of Englar Dining Hall or outside in Red Square.

For questions regarding Young Americans for Liberty, contact club president, Clint Wright, at or attend one of their meetings in Hill Hall 323 on Thursdays at 6 p.m.