#SpringFling2014 – The Preview

On April 12, the Spring Fling Committee and the Office of Student Engagement will host the annual Spring Fling. Founded as a tradition by Mitchell Alexander 17 years ago, Spring Fling is an event for students to celebrate the ending of an academic year. Historically, this day consist of events planned by the student-run Spring Fling Committee and is overseen by the Office of Student Engagement. While plans for this year’s function are still being decided, they will be finalized in the committee’s March 28 meeting.

“This year’s Spring Fling will probably feature some of the same activities in the previous years,” said Lindsey Rumancik, Office of Student Engagement’s Associate Director and Spring Fling advisor.  Such activities include, t-shirt tie dying, student band performances, inflatables, food, and many other free activities. However, Rumancik pointed out, “It is really up to the student planning committee on what they would like to have as part of the day.”

While the student planning committee has not finalized Spring Fling plans, Rumancik made it clear that there will be inflatables.


Lindsey Rumancik, Office of Student Engagement Associate Director (Courtesy of http://mcdaniel.orgsync.com/org/greenterrors/Contact)

“There will be inflatables available, that seems to be a pretty high priority with the committee,” Rumancik said.

The committee is currently investigating student bands to perform and determining what type of music they will play, and whether that type of music lines up with something that McDaniel students would like. Other possible Spring Fling ideas such as having a “DJ, a carnival, and having outside food have been brainstormed,” said Rumancik.

For students wondering why McDaniel does not have a major recording artist perform at Spring Fling, this can be attributed to students not informing the Office of Student Engagement of whom they want to perform. As Rumancik notes, “We need recording artist names and when I ask students who they would like to perform, I never get feedback. Instead, they just say, “we want someone people know.” While the Office of Student Engagement does have a strict budget, they are willing to work with students to bring performers to McDaniel.

With Spring Fling quickly approaching, the Spring Fling Committee and campus community are growing with excitement. This can be attributed to successful past Spring Fling events.

“What I love the most about Spring Fling is being in the company of friends, warm weather, and the CRAZY adventures that occur during it. I think that is what student’s love most about Spring Fling,” said Spring Fling Committee member Junior Breona Griffin.

For information on joining next year’s Spring Fling Committee, look out for the committee’s application in the campus announcements or contact the committee’s advisor, Lindsey Rumancik at lrumancik@mcdaniel.edu. Four students were selected to participate on this year’s committee, and the application process is not hard.

“There’s an application for Spring Fling and pretty much anyone who applies, and seems like they put thought into their application are selected,” said Rumancik.

Committee planning consists of six or seven weeks of preparation leading to the event. While committee planning is fun, Rumancik said that students on the committee are required to make a commitment to weekly meetings and have full availability on the day of Spring Fling.

Featured Image courtesy of http://mcdaniel.orgsync.com/org/greenterrors/Events_and_News