Photo by Kyle Parks.

Life of a Resident Assistant

Cooper Hostetler has the job in college no one ever really thinks of as a dream job. Why would someone want to look after a bunch of freshman in a…

Francis Aubee (center). Photo courtesy of Francis Aubee.

Continuing Africa’s Legacy: Francis Aubee

People might be surprised to know who Francis Aubee really is. The McDaniel student has been described as charismatic, intelligent, cultured, well-mannered, hilarious, business-minded, and more. Aubee is an international student from…

Aiyana Jones (left) and Sijui Bartrum (right). Photo by Claire Capuccilli.

Hips Don’t Lie

Sijui Kama Bartrum took up dancing at a young age – but as she got older, others told her it was time to give up her hobby. Instead, she found…

Emanuel Mandel in the Decker Center Forum. Photo by Gunnar Ward.

Living History: A Tale of the Holocaust

Holocaust survivor Emanuel (Manny) Mandel stood in front of a crowd of McDaniel students and Carroll County residents, sharing his story of survival in one of history’s darkest periods. Despite…

Photo courtesy of Yessica Rodriguez.

Alumni: McDaniel’s Legacy, History, and Future

Through McDaniel College’s Student Alumni Council, the school’s graduates come back to work with students who share their interests and former majors. Now, the Class of 2015’s Erin Giles hopes to create the…

Campus Sodexo workers on the day of their unionization vote. Photo courtesy of Caroline Unger.

Could McDaniel Student Workers Unionize?

Given the number of students working on campus, and recent unionization efforts by adjunct professors and workers in Englar Dining Hall, the question must be asked: can student workers on…

A scene from the Bahamas. Photo courtesy of Pixabay user yrolle.

Paradise in January: Bahamas Jan Term

The semester is almost over, and soon, students will be packing up and heading home for winter break. But not everyone—16 McDaniel students will be packing their swimsuits and sunscreen…

Photo by Katie Clawson.

Dana Ferraris, Teacher and Entrepreneur

Dana Ferraris, professor at McDaniel College, spends his Sunday mornings running the Kismet Café, alongside his wife, Lana. Ferraris and his wife opened their café on March 2014. “Kismet” means…

Photo by Adrian Stanley.

Music with “Staying Power”

Guitars line the walls, pianos sit on the floor, and the sounds of brass and woodwind instruments can be heard emanating from the teaching rooms in the back. The welcoming…

Duvall second from left.
Image Courtesy of McDaniel College

The Success of Many Stems From One

Throughout the past few years, the business department has benefitted from a certain faculty member. There have been many professors that have contributed to the department’s success, but especially Kerry Duvall….