Finding friends and supporting communities on the Adobo DC party scene

(photo courtesy of Pixabay user Pexels)

Looking for fun parties and events to attend to get away from campus that also support the Black and Latino diaspora in the DMV? Look no further. Adobo DC hosts events that feature local artists and DJ’s and donates to charity to support the Black and Latino diaspora in DC and the surrounding area.

Over the summer, sophomore student Eno Akpan, who comes from a Nigerian background, attended Adobo DC’s  En Vivo two day event at the Kennedy Center. 

“There was food, lots of music and performances from black and brown artists from around the community. I love attending Adobo events because it feels like we are all one big family. There’s people I can relate to there, even if we aren’t all from the same place,” said Akpan.  “Sometimes attending a school where not everyone looks like me can feel like I’m out of place. It’s worth the drive honestly to be in a place where there’s music and fun but I also feel like I’m a part of something bigger.”

Akpan added, “the music is always so good! There are always afro beats, caribbean, dembow or reggaeton. The rotation and DJ’s are always fire.”

Pedro Night, Walter Alvarado, and Marcus K. Dowling started Adobo DC back in 2019 on a rooftop bar in Bethesda. Over the years it has grown to one of the biggest authentic Black and Latino movements, hosting events all over the DMV area.

“Every Adobo event I have attended feels like a mini vacation,” said sophomore Sergio Martin, who has a Guatemalan background and  frequents Adobo DC events. “My friend had let me know about this and I decided to check it out. Makes me feel nice to support my community, especially when the people who started it are my paisas.” Paisas is Spanish for countrymen.

Adobo is not only for parties and having a good time. The intent of Adobo DC is to support and celebrate the Black and Latino diaspora in the DMV and extensive communities. 

They raised $2,415 in February 2021 for hurricane victims in Nicaragua. They were able to purchase 10,000 pounds of rice and bean seeds to help sustain victims in the months ahead. They supported and encouraged many of their followers to peacefully protest for Black Lives Matter on June 19 this past year. They also raise money at their parties, like they did in Jan. 2020 in support for the Puerto Rican Earthquake Relief Effort.

Adobo DC is a great way to support the Black and Latino community and diaspora in the DMV while still being able to escape from the rural Westminster landscape for a few hours. So if you are looking to escape campus for a while, go support the Afro Latino Diaspora while partying the night away!

 Adobo events can generally be found within an hour of  campus. They continue to host events throughout the year. More information can be found at their instagram @adbobodmv.