Where in Westminster: The Carroll Arts Center

The front of the Carroll Arts Center (photo courtesy of Joe McGhee).

The Carroll County Arts Council is looking to engage with and interest students in multiple ways. It has historically helped to enrich and better the community. Extensive programming provides plenty of diverse options for students to attend and enjoy. The organization is considering opening work study opportunities to McDaniel students. Interesting events will be hosted and may appeal to students.

According to the Carroll County Arts Council website, the council was established in 1969 . It is a non-profit and leases the former movie theater from Westminster . The Arts Center itself was created by the county’s Recreation and Parks Department together with the Arts Council. The Carroll County Arts Council has helped to provide opportunities for members of the community to engage with art in various forms and will continue to as they host more events.

The Arts Center betters the community through grants, as well as producing and presenting varied artistic expressions. There are many different things that the Arts Council provides to those who are interested. Classes, various kinds of stage performances (including concerts), lectures, and film screenings are offered throughout the year. These diverse events should appeal to any number of students. In Oct. 2021, the Arts Center presented some horror films in the week leading up to Halloween. One of the films shown that week was John Carpenter’s Halloween. The atmosphere was fun, and it was an enjoyable screening of a classic film. While this event is over, there are many exciting upcoming events being hosted by the Arts Center. The 13th Annual Gallery of Gifts, the 24th Annual Festival of Wreaths, and a few concerts will be featured at the venue over the next few weeks.

 When asked if there was anything he wanted McDaniel students to know, executive director Eric Kerchner said, “I want them [McDaniel students] to know that they are welcome here”. There are many opportunities to attend events hosted by the Arts Council or join organizations and take a more active role in the art discussed and exhibited in the center. 

Additionally, Kerchner also stated that the Arts Council is considering giving students the opportunity to apply for work study opportunities at the Arts Center. Although this decision is in no way finalized, it could be a great opportunity for students. Another way to get involved with the community at the Arts Center is by joining some of the clubs which host meetings at the center. Carroll Playwrights gathers to discuss developing projects by members. Film Lovers in Carroll County (FLICC) decides what films are shown at the theater in the Arts Center. Carroll County Creates allows individuals to share any kind of artistic works they have developed. Memory Lane Playback Troupe is a group who perform improvised acting. These are some of the ways anyone can connect with the community and expose themselves to more of the arts.

The Council has a website, carrollcountyartscouncil.org, for those interested in more information.