Advancement in Military Medicine

(photo courtesy of Pixabay user PublicDomainPictures)

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of Military Medicine to benefit our warfighters and civilians. It is now a global organization that helps mainly United States allies in the rise of specifically biomedical science, veterinarian, dental, medical, and nursing. Out of the profits they gained in the Fiscal Year of 2020, 99.3% of the profits went towards their research and advancement in their research. They offer several positions, ranging from  doctors, government connections, military advisors, and beyond. They also provide for people to make proposals for new programs or research ideas. Recently their main focus has been in the battle of the Covid-19 virus and variants. They focus on what they can do better for their injured warfighters and better the medical training on the battlefield, so more of our soldiers can come home. With this training, they can help soldiers as they are being medevaced to the closest hospital, which could be over an hour away, or when they are able to find a safe location on the battlefield to perform the medical treatment.    

On McDaniel’s campus, we have many biomedical, Pre-Med, and a good-sized group of ROTC students. For those students, this would be an excellent place to excel in your careers and advance our medical field. Even if you want to help people in any form, this would be a perfect opportunity.

This organization has saved thousands of soldiers’ lives from life-threatening injuries, disease, and other medical obstacles throughout their service. They are also focusing on major illnesses such as HIV-1 and treatments for prostate cancer. This organization strives to continue conducting studies  on and off the battlefield for the benefit of our loved ones. If our society and people of the future work with organizations like this, we can strive to make a majorly impactful future and truly advance our medical system for the people that need this care. 

With a focus on each of these areas, our generation can make it possible that our warfighters don’t have to make the ultimate sacrifice anymore, that instead, they get the treatment they deserve for protecting us. 

If you  want to join a cause like this, consider seeking out one of their internships, promoting a new proposal idea for the medical studies they conduct, or assisting them in their research. For those outside  the medical field, they are consistently looking for lawyers and people with a business background to keep this organization running smoothly and productively.