It’s recruitment season!

Photo courtesy of Meghan Callis.

This week is recruitment week for Greek life at McDaniel, and women are getting ready for rounds. Sororities are decorating their club rooms, getting outfits ready, and working hard to have everything come together for recruitment.

Have you ever thought about joining a sorority, but recruitment seemed too intimidating? Well — recruitment is not as scary as it may seem.

Spring recruitment is a long process that each sorority’s recruitment committee plans and works on months in advance, making sure their rounds are fun for potential new members.

“It’s a lot of work. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of shopping, and a lot of making things by hand,” said Alex Tolle, recruitment chair of Phi Alpha Mu. “You have to plan outfits, nametags, decorations, and food.”

Recruitment is a four-day process. The first two days consist of women visiting each sorority. They get to know the sisters, and the sisters get to know them. At the end of the second day, sisters and potential new members start ranking each other.

The morning of day three, the prospective new members will go to their top three picks. That night, they will visit their top two picks.

On Bid Day morning, if it’s a match, they will get a bid from one sorority. If they choose to accept, they will run to their new Greek family.

“Bid Day, no matter how many girls you get, is always really fun and really exciting,” said Connor Klotzbach, current member of Phi Alpha Mu. “There’s such an energy in Red Square the day of that makes it all worth it.”

If you’re nervous about going through recruitment, don’t be, sorority sisters say, adding that while recruitment may be stressful, it’s fun and worth it in the end. When meeting the sisters, they suggest you be yourself.

“There are all these people who are genuinely interested in meeting you and getting to know you so you can find your home,” said Megan Smith, member of Alpha Sigma Tau. “There’s no point in putting up these false fronts or pretending to be anyone that you’re not to make people happy.”

Recruitment is not always as intimidating as it seems. Most of the time, those who are already members are more nervous than those going through rounds. Each sorority wants the potential new members to be comfortable and excited about them.

“We’re not judging based off of looks,” said Valerie Lamb, member of Phi Mu. “We’re not judging based off of previous history. We just want to get to know you.”

Going Greek can be beneficial to people, especially at McDaniel. It can open up leadership, service, and networking opportunities.

“You’re not only gaining leadership experience, but you’re gaining lifelong friendships,” said Tolle. “You’re gaining an empowered sense of self. There’s a lot more to gain than there is to lose when going through rounds.”

Being involved in Greek life also creates new bonds between women, ones people may not always expect.

“The women I’ve met in my sorority are some of the most brilliant, compelling, and talented people I have ever gotten to meet,” said Smith. “It’s an automatic family and friend group where you have of people who are supporting you and rooting for you always.”