Alumni: McDaniel’s legacy, history, and future

Photo courtesy of Yessica Rodriguez.

Through McDaniel College’s Student Alumni Council, the school’s graduates come back to work with students who share their interests and former majors. Now, the Class of 2015’s Erin Giles hopes to create the same interactions for current students.

As a student, the SAC was one of Giles’ favorite organizations.

“It allowed [me] to make alumni connections and forge alumni relationships,” she said.

Giles started working for the First Stop Office — a support service for first-year and transfer students — soon after she graduated, and she donates both time and money to the school. Giles appreciates that she can direct her donations to a cause close to her heart: the students.

The SAC educates current McDaniel students about post-graduation opportunities and works to prepare them for their roles as alumni. Through the organization, students connect with people who were once in similar positions.

“My fiance was a student athlete at McDaniel and he loves connecting with current baseball players,” Giles said.

By hosting events like Pumpkin Smash and the Holiday Light Show during the fall semester, the SAC works to maintain McDaniel’s legacy. This April, the SAC will host an event called Thank-A-Giver Day, which aims to raise awareness of alumni and donor influence on education at McDaniel.

Deborah Cameron, Class of 1975, has donated funds almost every year since she graduated. She said she is proud of where she comes from and thankful for McDaniel’s strong influence on who she is today.

“I hope my donations help McDaniel’s legacy to continue,” she said.

The SAC is committed to ensuring that students remember and honor McDaniel’s history, and it is determined to secure McDaniel’s future for generations to come.

“One day, we’ll all be alumni,” said Kyle Wolfrey, the SAC’s programming chair. “Alumni give back so much to this college, and I aspire to give back as well after I graduate.”