Alumni: McDaniel’s legacy, history, and future

Through McDaniel College’s Student Alumni Council, the school’s graduates come back to work with students who share their interests and former majors. Now, the Class of 2015’s Erin Giles hopes to create the…

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McDaniel Receives Million Dollar Donation

Recently, McDaniel College has come into a large sum of money, approximately a $6.7 million donation from alumnus Phillip Henry Dorsey. Phillip Henry Dorsey was part of the 1891 graduating…

Remembering six decades of passed alumni

On Thursday September 27, the McDaniel Student Alumni Council gathered to remember McDaniel alumni who have passed away. Six candles rest on the bell’s podium, one to represent each decade….

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For Some McDaniel is a Family Tradition

“It was nice to come here and have connections and people I already knew, it was comforting,” said Cole. Though McDaniel College has other sets of siblings in attendance, the…

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Death of recent alumni

On Sunday, September 11 the Free Press staff and McDaniel College community was informed of the untimely death of McDaniel alum Kenneth Jackson Polk, a 2011 graduate, after a fatal…