On-campus water tower gets a facelift over winter break

(Ciara O'Brien / McDaniel Free Press)

This semester, Students were greeted back to the Hill by a facelift to the iconic water tower on campus, featuring the freshly painted phrase, “Welcome to the Hill” along with the signature green and gold slanted “M” on the sides of the tower. 

The water tower project was primarily orchestrated by the college’s WMC Heritage Society, formed by Don Rembert ’60 and his wife, Judy Rembert ’61 with the mission of celebrating the history of the College. 

In addition to the Remberts, other engaged alumni associated with the WMC Heritage Society and the City of Westminster offered support and funding to make the project a reality. 

“It will help us establish a sense of place and a spirit of pride, positively impacting prospective students, Westminster community members, our alumni, and our on-campus community,” Don Rembert said in response to the water tower renovation. 

Work on the tower began in Dec. 2021, and included cleaning and pressure washing the entire tank, rust removal, and an intermediate and full finish before the application of the College logo. 

Don Rembert said, “It is time for McDaniel College to further claim its place in Westminster and beyond—and the way to do it is to introduce people to campus from miles away with a water tower that tells you that you’ve arrived at the Hill.” 

“Nothing could be better.”