A Minty-Fresh Start to the Year with the Student Alumni Council

Dr. James Lightner poses with the Green Terror mascot at the latest SAC mug event.

About 150 students attended the Student Alumni Council’s first Mug Event of the year outside of Glar earlier this month.

“Mug events are fun, on top of giving you an excuse to meet some alumni,” said Brian Stephenson, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, as a steady stream of students made their way to Glar on a busy Chicken Tender Thursday.

The monthly event, usually held in Ensor Lounge, relocated to the centralized Glar hallway in order to encourage more students to connect with alumni.

“The reason for the mug events are simply to ensure that the general student population have the ability to interact with alumni,” said Stephenson.

The monthly mug events usually have a theme, with this month’s theme being, “A Minty Fresh Start to the New Year.”

Student Alumni Council members and alumni of Western Maryland and McDaniel College handed out mints and candy to students who attended the event. The Green Terror mascot even made an appearance and took pictures with students.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” said Mark Gales, a sophomore general member of the Student Alumni Council. He [Green Terror Mascot] wasn’t at any of the mug events last year, so I was surprised to see him there. I got a picture with him.”

Although students were encouraged to bring their “Alumni in Training” mugs that were handed out freshman year, the event primarily served to garner support for the club. All that was asked of the students was their contact information in order to invite them to Student Alumni Council events later in the year.

Everyone who is enrolled at McDaniel College is an alumni in training, and that is what the mug events are all about.

Brian Stephenson hangs out with the Green Terror at the latest SAC mug event.

Brian Stephenson hangs out with the Green Terror at the latest SAC mug event.

Teaching students what it means to be an alumni is the focal point of the events the Student Alumni Council holds. The events aim to teach students how to stay involved and give back when they graduate.

“I thought it went really well. There was a good representation of students and alumni there and I felt like everyone interacted well,” said Gales. “I love being able to make connections with the alumni because I might need that in the near future.”

Some other important events to note include the monthly bell ringings, in which the Student Alumni Council rings Old Main Bell in Red Square to honor deceased alumni. Friends and family members of the deceased alumni are welcome to attend to show their respect.

“Dinner on the Town” events are also held in which alumni invite students into their homes and cook dinner for them.

These monthly occurrences allow the students to hear first hand the stories of alumni who graduated from McDaniel, along with how their post college success was reached.

Student Alumni Council not only works independently, but also with other clubs, sports teams, and Greek organizations on campus.

The next Student Alumni Council mug event is in Kriel Lounge on October 15 at 7:30pm.

Contact Brian Stephenson at bstephenson@mcdaniel.edu or Hannah Murchake, Student Alumni Council President, at hem003@mcdaniel.edu for more information on how to join the council or co-sponsor an event.