Letter to the Editor: Vegan and Vegetarian Options in Glar

As a college student, I am so excited hear that McDaniel’s Dining Services will be offering many more vegan and vegetarian options. Through Compassionate Communities’  work with the head chef and manager of Glar, there have been some great  immediate changes to the campus dining. On Mondays, there will be less meat served to help people join Meatless Monday and the vegetarian bar will now be a vegan bar. In addition, these vegan options will be less reliant on salads and include more hearty options full of protein and that taste great.

Reduction in our meat consumption is a growing movement. While the United States is still one of the world’s biggest meat consuming countries, many people are choosing to eat less meat for a variety of reasons. Meatless monday campaigns, concerns about antibiotic resistance, videos of animals suffering on factory farms — not to mention government recommendations are all helping influence us to eat less meat.

400 million animal lives were saved this year alone from the efforts of people eating less meat. If going to college is supposed to give us the rounded education to make informed decisions about living a just and purposeful life, then steadily eliminating suffering from our diets is an easy individual tactic to living this kind of life.

McDaniel students are demonstrating immense support for these options and are excited to join a global movement such as Meatless Monday to decrease consumption of sentient beings. So far, over 150 McDaniel students and faculty have pledged to go meat free on Mondays! As a vegan and veg coordinator at McDaniel, I’m excited to see that Glar is making that easier and looking forward to the effect it has on students’ and animals’ well-being. I am proud to attend a college that supports its animal-free students.