Golden Retrievers are GRREAT

Amanda Blankenship with her dog Chewy, a GRREAT rescue (photo courtesy of Thomas Chenowth Jr)

Throughout the country, there are many non-profit organizations to be a part of. Notable ones such as NPR, American Red Cross, and the Human Rights Watch, all strive for one goal: To make the world a better place. According to, there are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations registered in the United States. That is a lot of non-profit organizations in just our community alone. 

If you are a dog lover, then maybe GRREAT would be a fantastic organization for you to join. A non-profit organization expanding from South Central Pennsylvania to Northern Virginia and Eastern West Virginia, Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training is dedicated to rescuing Golden Retrievers and Golden Mixes to foster them and find them good homes. 

“Everyone in the group loves dogs. And, we’re all good people” Amanda Blankenship, Benefits and Employment Manager at McDaniel College and member of GRREAT says. “The organization has done an amazing amount of work to benefit Golden Retrievers and Golden Mixes. I’ve met people I never would have before and enjoy hanging out with them.” 

The organization saves approximately 100 Golden Retrievers every year, and seeks to increase that number so that the illustrious dog breed can live happily. 

GRREAT is very active on social media as well, as they have their own website, Instagram, and Facebook page. “The organization also works to educate people on dog ownership and the numerous responsibilities that come along with it,” Blankenship continued. “The group fundraises a lot of money to help the dogs that it takes in to the rescue. This helps to make the dogs even more adoptable.” 

They strive to get the message out, and by doing so hold events to promote their message. In Virginia, they host a three kilometer walk. You may also see members volunteering in the community with pet expos and Orioles events. They host a holiday party and an annual “Bark-B-Que.” They help out with veterinarians and animal rescues in the area, and even sell items such as their “Who Rescued Who” stickers to get their message out. 

“Dogs in general have a way of healing humans and filling voids that we may have,” Blankenship stated. 

GRREAT truly is a fantastic organization, with a very valuable message that all dog lovers should hear. Delaware has just made the rescue dog their “state dog,” inspired by the GRREAT organization. Their message is spreading and communities in the area need to be a part of it as well, because “Man’s best friend” always needs a companion as well.