McDaniel Receives Million Dollar Donation

Recently, McDaniel College has come into a large sum of money, approximately a $6.7 million donation from alumnus Phillip Henry Dorsey.

Phillip Henry Dorsey was part of the 1891 graduating class and was one of the 18 students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

He made a commitment over 120 years ago to donate back to Western Maryland College, now McDaniel College, which has already received the first check for the donation, a total of $975,000.

President Roger Casey expressed his gratitude for the donation.

He explained, “McDaniel is deeply indebted to the generosity of Phillip Dorsey and his descendants. That the estate of a graduate of the College from 1891 would continue to give back in such a magnanimous way is a great testimony to the transformative power of a McDaniel education. McDaniel changes lives, and Phillip Dorsey’s vision will insure that future generations have access to that same transforming educational experience which clearly impacted his life.”

President Casey is very thankful for the generous donation to the campus, as should everyone else on campus who will benefit from it.