The Freshman 15

Fruit—one of the healthy eating options found on campus. Photo courtesy of Pixabay user elizadean.

Everyone comes to college having heard of the “freshman 15,” the 15 pounds that new students may or may not gain during their first year away at college.

Whether it is due to the on-campus dining options, stress eating, or the lack of access to kitchens for homemade foods, some new students may gain some weight during their first year on campus.

First year student Cari Witherow says that “since coming to college I feel like my weight has increased a little bit because now that I stay up late to do homework, I get pizza from Vocelli’s around midnight and that isn’t really a healthy thing to do, but it’s the only option that late at night.”

She has a few complaints about food on campus—she wishes the dining hall served “better fresh fruit options.”

Witherow, however, adds: “I think that there is a good variety of healthy food on campus because I am a vegetarian and I am still able to get everything that I need.”

Sometimes it might seem hard to find the healthiest food choices McDaniel, but they are always available. Glar has a salad bar for lunch and dinner, as well as some vegetables with select meals and drinks other than soda. The Pub offers fruit in replacement for fries.

Freshman Laurel Pogue says, “My weight has stayed the same since coming to campus, and I eat at Glar mostly—maybe the Pub or Vocelli’s once or twice a week at the most. I go to Ultimate Frisbee once or twice a week as my form of exercise. I believe that McDaniel does offer healthy food options. I may not always take them, but they are usually present.”

Pogue also says, “I think that if I had my own kitchen, my weight would probably decrease because it’s really easy to eat at Glar compared to making your own food, so I would probably snack all the time instead of having a real meal.”

It is safe to say that even though the go-to on-campus food options may not always be the healthiest, healthy options are there. Students also have access to a fully equipped gym where they can stay fit and remain active.

But the most important thing in staying healthy is a healthy mindset: be aware of healthy options while staying true to yourself and being confident in your own skin.