Mickey Daniel

By Justin Harmon

Hello McDaniel aka Mickey Daniel readers, this is my first article. I’m explaining how I’m going to write my article but before I do. Let me introduce myself. My name is Justin aka Backpack Jack, the kid on campus that always has a backpack on. I’m 5’11, light skinned, cute, funny, and single ladies, holla. Anyway I’m from Brooklyn aka Brooknam in New York City.

Now let me explain how I going to write this and every article.

Each article I have will have a word that will explain what I am writing about. Today’s word is “grateful.”

If you don’t know what this word mean then get a dictionary and look it up. If you don’t know what a dictionary is then just give up on life because there are harder things to know bout in life.

This is my first article and it was kinda hard to figure out bout what I wanted to write bout and then it hit me. I should write bout the transition from being in Brooklyn to Westminster. When I wrote it down I realized how blessed I am. Now don’t take this the wrong way. I am in no shape or form a religious man, but I still realize all this just didn’t happen by chance.

Out in Brooklyn there is always something going on. If there wasn’t beef, someone got jumped or some type of shootout. Sometimes there was someone getting arrested. In Westminster it’s real quiet.

There really isn’t that much trouble going on out here. Plus I love my friends back in New York but some are just dumb as hell and if you can’t think of one of your friends as that dumb, then you are that person. I’m really grateful and I can see myself sitting with some of my friends right now doing nothing with my life. I can see myself standing on the corner selling drugs or being just another chalk line in the streets. I’m not and I’m grateful that McDaniel gave me the chance to go to their college because if I was still in New York I be doing nothing with my life.

Look at me now I’m in college and I’m writing for the paper that you are reading right now. This is the end of my article and I hoped you enjoyed it but it’s whatever.
Look out for my next article, which is going to be about ignorance and the word is going to be “change”.