Bigger is always better when it comes to sunglasses

By Michelle Menner

It seemed to work for Jackie O. Her signature dark, oval shades shielded her eyes from curious onlookers and gave her an air of mystery while strolling in classic capris.

Jackie wasn’t the only one who embraced the dark shades that instantly give any look a chic update. Remember our favorite glamour girl who had her breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Audrey Hepburn’s big, black sunglasses completed her sophisticated look as she stared into the bejeweled windows on Fifth Avenue at 57th street.

These two fashion icons catapulted the oversized sunglasses to the top of must-have lists everywhere and created an accessory staple for every fashionista. No doubt — the bigger the sunglasses the better. My sunglasses are no exception. Kate Spade’s Kinsey frames always deliver.

Other frames that are particularly stylish include anything by Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, according to Ryan Johns, a regional max specialist for Sunglass Hut. These frames cost anywhere from $155 to $400. Johns said the most popular styles include anything “big, plastic and sparkly.”

Here on the Hill the students are still on trend, but some look for a bargain when it comes to their shades. New York & Company in the Town Mall seems to be a student favorite for their fashionable frames and budget conscious prices.

“I usually buy my sunglasses from New York & Company. Most of their sunglasses are $20 and under. My new favorite pair I actually got on clearance for $2,” said Brittany Eyler, a senior.

“The sunglasses I wear are from New York & Company. I bought my sunglasses on sale for $10. I personally like the big sunglasses, but it is a personal preference,” said senior Ashley Zimmerman. “Wear what you like and what you feel great in.”

Great advice.

Whether you pay $2 for a mall brand, or $400 for a premier designer brand it doesn’t matter, just make sure the frames are big and bold.

MJ and Kristen