Fall Break provides a time to recharge

The short break signifies a sigh of relief for many students

By Kate Delenick

Step outside of your dorm or apartment and really take a look around campus. I mean it, really look. You’ll find yourself in a sea of greens, oranges, reds, and yellows… because fall is here! Put away your sandals and pull out your Uggs.

The month of October not only marks a change in your wardrobe but also a time that McDaniel students as well as other college students around the country start to look forward to usually right after the first week of classes begin, and that my friends, is FALL BREAK.

Though only two days, fall break signifies a huge sigh of relief for many students. While some do choose to stay on campus for the break, the rest of us use those 48 hours to relax back home and catch up with family and friends. For many kids here it may even be the first time they get to return home since August. And let’s be honest, nothing beats sleeping in your “own” bed.

If you do plan on going home for fall break there is one key component that really makes those days worth it – parents. When I get home I’ll not only greet them with a big hug, but also a nice big basket of laundry and ask, “When can you take me to Wal-Mart?” Those two days off are like a right of passage to not do your laundry that week and save yourself probably at least $4 in quarters as well as some detergent.

Another thing we can take advantage of is a trip with parents to Wal-Mart or the mall. Fall break is the perfect time to restock on all the things you initially brought to school but have since ran out or used up. And hey, if your parents want to foot the bill, all the more power to them!

Fall break gives students a time to relax, to catch up, to enjoy some home-cooked meals, and to re-stock! Although very few of us will actually look forward to returning to campus that Monday or Tuesday, we have to remember that the next thing we get to look forward to is Thanksgiving, and who doesn’t look forward to a plate full of turkey?