Solid picks put guru back on track

Take the Eagles over the Jets this week, says McDaniel Guru

By Garrett Eagan, McDaniel Guru

After a rebound from a disappointing Week 2 with a 13-3 record in Week 3, the Guru made soe solid picks to get back on track. Picks such as Tampa Bay over St. Louis and Baltimore over Arizona really helped my stats. However, the biggest pick was Green Bay over San Diego. You can never count out Brett Favre, especially on what I think is his final tour in the NFL.

In Week 4, my record again dropped with a finishing tally of 10-5, 6-5 in the published picks. Week 6 hopefully will be more of the same. Here are my picks:

Bears 24 Vikings 10: Give Brian Griese credit, he is a more experienced QB than Grossman. He is the key to the Bears success right now. The Bears defense should make quick work of Adrian Peterson and their offense. Take the Bears at home.

Redskins 16 Packers 13: Both Green Bay and Washington are sleeper teams this season. Washington had a fluke Week 3 loss against the Giants, and is looking sound on offense. Their defense is what scares me. With Favre playing like he is, it will be a close game. Take the Redskins.

Bengals 31 Chiefs 17: Even though the Bengals record shows a mediocre start, the Bengals have played well so far. Going into Week 4, the Bengals average point margin in lost game was 4.5. They just mainly need to make that final push in the 4th quarter. Take the Bengals to handle the Chiefs.

Ravens 23 Rams 20: This game solely rides on two players: Steven Jackson and Ravens QB, whoever it is this week. Steven Jackson has been a total let down so far this season for the Rams, so running against a Raven’s defense won’t help things. Take the Ravens to edge it out. Again.

San Diego 28 Raiders 17: JaMarcus Russell or no JaMarcus Russell, the Raiders need more than just one #1 pick to win games, especially against the shaky Chargers. Take the Chargers.

Patriots 31 Dallas 17: It doesn’t take a guru to pick this one. The Cowboys are strong this season, but Tony Romo doesn’t stand a chance against the New England defense. Even though Dallas has a good chance, it won’t take much for the Pats to CHEAT death.

Giants 20 Atlanta 10: Eli Manning has looked good since Week 1, even with the record that the Giants have. Take the G-Men over the Dirty Birds in this one.

Eagles 17 Jets 13: Both the Eagles and the Jets have had mediocre starts so far. Even after putting up 56 pts in Week 3, it was against the Lions. Either way, Mangini won’t be able to out coach this one. Take the Eagles to W-I-N.