Let them use the soap

New dispensers installed in two dorms

By Michelle Menner
More than 200 soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel holders are to be installed around campus in all administrative buildings and in select residence halls.
The college invested approximately $25,000 for the project.
At the end of July, the bathroom utilities arrived at McDaniel and most have sat in storage inside the main housekeeping closet near Harlow Pool for the past three months.
The estimated time frame for the completion of the project is yet to be determined. In light of the recent staph infection scare the urgency to speed up the installation process is necessary.
For some buildings the new bathroom amenities include motion sensor soap dispensers and paper towel holders. While other buildings will have pump soap dispensers and hand dryers.
There will be two types of soap used: a Purell brand soap in the motion sensor dispensers and a pink lotion soap in the pump dispensers.
“In the long run the college will save money on the Purell soap,” said Melvin Whelan, Building Services Coordinator. Not only will the college save on the Purell soap, but also the paper towels. The motion sensor dispensers will diminish the need for people to waste the products. Patrons will receive just the right amount of soap and one paper towel.
Residence halls Whiteford and Rouzer already have new pump soap dispensers and hand dryers. According to Whelan, fourth floor Rouzer students have already ripped the soap dispensers off the wall.
There have been requests for McDaniel and Albert Norman Ward residence halls to receive the bathroom amenities.
“Personally I don’t think it’s fair to put soap dispensers in two of the dorms and not in the rest them,” said sophomore Liz Brown, an RA.