Wrestling recruit found intoxicated

Non-student minor taken to hospital for alcohol poisoning

By Ryan Chell, Sports Editor

On the night of Friday, October 19, a party in an off-campus dorm was interrupted by Campus Safety, in which one of the people solicited was a non-student wrestling recruit.
In McDaniel’s campus saefty blotter, the incident was recorded in the form of several sanctions, including: Alcohol Furnishing to a Minor, Hard Liquor, Multi-Liter Container, Possession under 21, and Providing False Information.
Apparently, the recruit had to be removed from campus to a nearby hospital, which is recorded on the blotter with the words “Medical Incident.” At this time, the recruit’s name and status are unknown.
Sports Information Director Luke Stillson confirmed the incident to the Free Press, but did not know any more information about the act. The recruit may have broken more laws than just underage drinking laws; there are specific rules on how long and when recruits can stay on campus.
The NCAA has a list of rules of regulations for student athletes, as well. The 2007 Rules and Interpretations List says, “it is the responsibility of all wrestlers to conduct themselves in such a way as to reflect credit upon their institutions, the sport, and themselves.”
Several wrestlers responded to emails by saying they did not know of the incident or that the coach would be the person to talk to. Coach Davey Blake, in his first season as the Terror wrestling coach, was not able to be reached.
At press time, Free Press reporters learned that three students and three non-student recruits (for a sport not identified) were documented for violating the college’s alcohol policy. Two of the non-students also provided false information and did not comply with campus officers.