Crazy Spears salvages her fifth album

By Eleanor Nagle

With publicly stripping down to her underwear, feeding babies soda, and flashing the paparazzi, it’s obvious that Britney Spears has gone crazy, but her new album isn’t tainted by her insanity.

Spears’ fifth album, Blackout was released on October 30 to surprisingly good reviews, probably because the album itself is pretty good. It certainly isn’t her best, and there aren’t any breakout worthy hits. But if you like Britney, and you’re looking for a fun album that’s great to dance to, Blackout just may be the album for you.

The twelve songs featured on the album all have great beats that are certainly enjoyable to dance to and lyrics that are fairly entertaining, though there is such an overuse of the word “hot” that it makes you wonder if Paris Hilton helped write the songs. The lyrics are repetitive, but then again, what dance songs aren’t?

This album contains no ballads, soft songs, and very little about love. In fact most of the songs have a lot more to do with lust than love.

The album starts out with “Gimme More”, which also happens to be her first released single. It’s certainly not the best song on the album but it’s good enough.

The second song, “Piece of Me” is easily one of the best on the album. Spears doesn’t exactly talk, but rather talks to a beat in a not quite rap fashion. There is a good music and beat behind her with lyrics that are pretty good. The lyrics talk of her recent trouble with the paparazzi and her latest hi-jinxes. There’s a bitter tone to what she says but there’s also humor in it. Besides, it’s not exactly like Spears doesn’t deserve her reputation.

“Heaven on Earth”, the fifth song, is the only song on the album that talks non-sexual love, though there is still a strong sexual tone. With an 80s style intro and cute if not corny lyrics such as “You’re heaven on earth. I’ve waited all my life for you” and “Fell in love with you and everything you are.”

The last song, “Why Should I be Sad?” is probably the closest thing to a ballad, and that isn’t saying much. The song is a thinly veiled shot at Spears’ ex-husband, the infamous Kevin Federline, with the lyrics, “Why should I be sad? Heaven knows, from the stupid freaking things that you do.”

Overall, Blackout is a thoroughly pleasant album that will most likely please most Spears fans, though it may leave them nostalgic for the earlier and perhaps more memorable albums.