Hidden Pearl

One-of-a-kind store is Westminster’s hidden treasure

By Anna Moffet

When was the last time you took a stroll down Main Street or visited some of the local shops? If you’re like me, I’m guessing it’s been a while. If you need a new outfit or something to wear you just run to the mall or to the plaza at Westminster Crossing. You would never think about heading to Main Street to find something.

But all that is about to change.

Hidden Pearl is a new shop tucked in on the corner of Locust Lane off of Main Street and promises to hold a little something for everyone. Whether it’s nurses who need scrubs, business women who need suits, or students needing a chic sweater dress to throw on with leggings, Hidden Pearl has it.

The shop is a mother and daughter run business with an interesting story behind its founding. When Margo Miller’s grandmother passed away, Miller was left with some money and two choices: either go to school to become a bereavement counselor or open her own shop. She actually went back to school for awhile, but finally decided that it wasn’t for her. So she called up her mother Dawn Schaible and asked if she might want to go into business together to open up a shop. They named the shop in her grandmother’s memory, and Hidden Pearl was born.

When asked to describe her store in one word, Miller summed it up as, “eclectic.” She elaborated saying that her goal with the store is to carry a little something for everyone. And she really does. Hidden Pearl carries a huge selection and sizes to fit all. Miller’s goal is to have a comfortable fit for each customer’s style, age, and size.

“I’m trying to be cautious of different body types and keep that in mind…People need to be able to find clothes that are flattering to their body type,” said Miller. “A lot of stores only carry to a size 7 or 9. We want to carry something for everyone!”

Walking around her store it is clear to see she achieved this. One customer who overheard the interview said about a shirt, “My mother’s 89 and I’m 43. I could see either of us wearing that.”

So how will Hidden Pearl compete with corporate giants like Gap Inc., New York and Company, and Boscovs? Miller says they’re not worried. She is confident that her store can compete and do well in the area and sees her only problem as getting her name out. She has already taken steps to solve this by having her store featured in Carroll County Magazine, the Carroll County Newspaper, and soon in the Baltimore Sun.

“Once people come in and check us out they’ll want to keep coming back,” said Miller.

And looking at their product line it’s not hard to believe. The customer service is also impeccable and unlike anything you would find at other retail stores.

“I’m never too busy for a customer. I want everyone looking good when they walk out of the store…I wouldn’t tell you something looks good if it doesn’t,” Miller said. “Hidden Pearl is a great shop that both mothers and daughters can shop at together as well as grandmothers and granddaughters.”

So the next time you need a cute shrug, shirt, or accessories, check out Hidden Pearl, and see if you can’t find something amazing and one of a kind!