It’s not always the thought that counts

By Bethany Grov?

Many people have had that moment of panic after opening a holiday gift of clothing, after which all they can say is “Gee, thanks.” Ultimately, they end up thinking: am I expected to wear this?

Stores across the nation may have throngs of people trying to get the Nintendo Wii, the cute new iPod nanos, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVDs, but members of the McDaniel community have more unique memories of their past holiday gifts.

Provost, Dr. Thomas Falkner said his favorite gift was “easily the matching homemade Sonny-and-Cher vests that my artsy-crafty sister gave Rose and me in the 60s. That was also my least favorite gift.”

Here are a few others from the McDaniel community:

“Best gift I ever got was a 2 wheel bike when I was 10 years old,” said President Joan Develin Coley. “Worst gift was socks. We got socks every year when I was a kid.”

“My favorite holiday gift is the necklace I got from my boyfriend,” said freshman Lindsay Sands. “My least favorite gift was from my grandma who got me school supplies.”

Senior MC DeSimone said her least favorite gift was clothing.

“I hate when people just go to the store and think they can get such personal stuff for you, and you will like it,” said DeSimone.

“The best gift I ever got was a handmade photo album that my friends made for me one year,” said DeSimone. “I love handmade or personalized items because they are so much more than just a money investment….It really shows how much time, money, and effort the person or people think that you’re worth and it is very flattering.”

Freshman Marina Feeser said last Christmas she received “a ridiculously pink sweater. Not that I didn’t appreciate it because it’s the thought of course, that counts, but it was pink and I also don’t wear sweaters.”

Feeser said her favorite gift was a black pearl necklace that she received last year. “I love pearls and wanted something different so it was kind of perfect,” Feeser said.

Dr. Sarah Stokely, assistant dean for first year students said her favorite gift is one that she gave, instead of received.

“My favorite gift is the guitar I gave my husband two years ago. It has been such a pleasure watching and listening to him learn to play,” said Stokely.

For those of you who find yourselves having a “Gee, thanks” moment this holiday season, just remember that you are not alone.