Men start season 5-0, aim for more success

By David Nasongkhla

The McDaniel men’s basketball team has started the season at 2-0 in conference play and 5-0 overall despite the dismissal of leading scorer and All-Maryland Second Team choice junior Ryan Brandenburg.

Led by juniors Chad Arrington and Ryan Finch and seniors Chris Prior and Brett Foelber, McDaniel looks to stay red hot throughout the season. Each are prolific scorers, and Arrington and Prior lead the team in rebounding.

“The team looks really good this year,” said team manager, senior Camara Kadete. Already five games into the season, the team has won the Provident Pride of Maryland Championship at John’s Hopkins University, beating Hood College 85-84.

Head coach Kevin Curley, who took over last season, looks to keep up the winning ways.
“He fires up the team, and keeps them motivated,” said Kadete. “His work ethic is great as well.”

The men’s team has had its ups and downs in the past year. Coach Bob Flynn tragically passed away in the middle of last season. This year the team’s top scorer was dismissed from the team due to problems off the court, and a couple of freshmen have quit the team and transferred schools. Despite all this, the team has stayed focused throughout.

“It would be nice to see the team go far this year, and maybe even win a championship,” stated Kadete.

Every basketball fan hopes the men’s team can overshadow the disappointing football season, bring a sense of pride back to the fans, and make the season exciting. So far, they’re passing with flying colors.