Week 15: McDaniel Guru says take Washington and Dallas

By Garrett Eagan, McDaniel Guru

Through13 weeks of the NFL, there are lock teams for the playoffs. In the AFC, New England and Indianapolis are the easy picks. In the NFC, Dallas, Green Bay, and even Minnesota are all vying for their playoff lives. Week 15 is a showcase of games that may dictate who gets in the playoffs or into the wild card games. Here are my picks:

Pittsburgh 17 Jacksonville 13
With Roethlisberger and company doing well in the AFC North, this game seems like an easy win. However, with Gerard playing well and the Jacksonville defense playing strong, this one could go either way. Take the Steel over the Jags.

Green Bay 28 St. Louis 10
After a shaky two weeks for Brett Favre, he still is the reason for the success of the Packers this season. This game solely rests on the performance of Favre. Take the Pack over the Rams.

Baltimore 16 Miami 10
Another game that seems like an easy win for one side, but could go either way. Both teams are not playing well at all, with the Dolphins still winless. Even though I would like to see Miami get their first win, I don’t think it will happen. Take the Ravens over the Fish.

New England 31 Jets 20
There isn’t much to say that someone has not already said about the Patriots. Offensively, Brady to Moss and Welker is unstoppable. This game stirs up a lot of emotion from the whole “Spygate” ordeal, so it could get out of hand. Even though Chris Ferrick-Manley expects a win by 40, the game will not get that out of hand. Take the Pats over the Jets.

Cleveland 20 Buffalo 16
This game will be close for both teams. Derek Anderson against Trent Edwards doesn’t seem like an even match-up, but both teams have their own ways of winning. Take the Browns over the Bills.

Indianapolis 34 Oakland 10
Peyton Manning. Need I say more? The Indy offense is looking powerful after a debacle in San Diego, so this Raider team should be a walk in the park. Barring any ground breaking events, take the Colts over the Raiders.

—Picks of the Week—

Dallas 23 Philadelphia 10,
Washington 20 Giants 17

These games are the picks of the week for the sole reason that these are the games that will most likely play out the wild-card setting in the NFC. This is a NFC East weekend for these four teams. Dallas has nothing to worry about with the playoffs, but they are the only team. The Giants, Skins, and Eagles all need to win to keep their playoff dreams alive. Even after a great game against the Pats in week 12, the Eagles will not make this one that interesting. The Skins-Giants game is the real contest for the NFC East. The Redskins are hanging on by a thread and one more loss can push them right out of the running. Take the Boys over the Eagles, and the Skins to edge out the Giants.