Michelle Menner attempts to profile senior Stephanie Mackoul, but instead embarks on a makeover adventure of a lifetime

Originally this article was going to be about senior Stephanie Mackoul and her experience as a beauty consultant for five years at Ulta, which according to its website is “the largest beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products and salon services in the United States.”

I envisioned a series of articles throughout the semester that would feature some of Mackoul’s makeup tips and a lesson or two about how to achieve certain looks such as the intimidating smoky eye.

However, after the events that took place one Saturday night I knew the focus of my column would dramatically shift. What started as an interview over dinner quickly turned into an all night event. My evening plans of reading Shakespeare’s Richard the II were derailed.

With relative ease I did what journalists are warned not to do—I lost objectivity. In fact, as Mackoul proceeded to give me a head-to-toe makeover I became the subject of my story.

I spent about thirty minutes with my eyes shut, while Mackoul meticulously went over my face with her arsenal of brushes and variety of products. As she did this she told me exactly what she was doing, and I learned a few new things about applying makeup.

When she finally let me look in the mirror I saw that the results were pure magic. My skin looked flawless and my lashes were lush. My cheeks were kissed by bronzer, and my eyes were defined with thick, black liner. I didn’t recognize the woman staring back, and neither did some of my friends.

“Wow! Look at you. This is not the Michelle I know. The Michelle I know is so chic, so Jackie ‘O’,” said junior Yvonne Pearson.

“You look hot,” said Kayon Williams.

I was taken aback. Hot has never been an adjective that someone has ever used to describe me. Sophisticated? Yes. Elegant? Yes. Hot? Definitely not.

Mackoul’s work was certainly transformative, and she’s looking for others who are ready for their own transformation. Mackoul is looking for a McDaniel-based clientele so that she can practice her makeup skills (free of charge).

Upon graduating from McDaniel with a communications degree, she plans to quickly enroll in cosmetology school.

“I have always loved art ever since I was little…and when I do someone’s makeup it’s like creating a new work of art,” Mackoul said.