Who do you believe?

By Garrett Eagan, McDaniel Guru

“I don’t know what to believe. I know one thing I don’t believe, and that’s you,” said Rep. Dan Burton, directed at Brian McNamee on Capitol Hill. While reading McNamee’s past comments on Jason Grimsley and steroids, McNamee admitted to lying on several instances with steroids, of which Burton called “disgusting.” While being questioned, Roger Clemens was adamant about his innocence.

“No matter what we discuss here today I’ll never get my name back. Let me be clear, I have never taken steroids or HGH,” said Clemens.

So who should you believe?
Personally, I have no idea who to believe, but after watching most of the coverage of the hearings today, I can tell you who is definitely sweating about their future. And that’s Brian McNamee.

McNamee has physical evidence such as used syringes, vials and even used gauzes that will, according to McNamee, match the DNA of Clemens. The physical evidence has been kept by McNamee for over five years. The reason? Mc?Namee claims he has never trusted Clemens, and he wanted to have something to produce if “it went down.”

“Maybe it was my years as New York City police officer…,” said McNamee. Maybe Clemens should have never trusted McNamee with his name. McNamee looked really nervous when testifying, but the adjective “timid” does not do justice. It was almost like McNamee knew he wasn’t being truthful with the congressional committee, and as Burton had claimed earlier, he wasn’t being believed.

Clemens, however, was calm, cool and very strong in what he told the congressmen. Rep. Virginia Foxx was prepared with a board with pictures of Clemens from Boston, Toronto, New York, and Houston. As it was evident and as Foxx commented, Clemens was the same size in all the pictures. So if the man was taking HGH, which stands for human growth hormone, shouldn’t he have GROWN?

Then the subject of depositions by Andy Pettitte was brought up. When Rep. Elijah Cummings commented on how Pettitte’s testimony coincided with that of McNamee’s, Clemens quickly interjected with, “I think you misunderstood Andy.” Did they? Pet?titte is known for being one of the most honest and respectful players in the MLB today and had been totally open with investigators. So if what Pettitte said coincides with McNamee, I think Clemens has a problem.

McNamee and Clemens are riding their statements straight into the ground. And one of them won’t return if they are proven to be participating in perjury. Something has to give, and who’s to say when that something will give? Will it be when the syringes are tested for DNA? Will it be when McNamee admits to lying again, about the biggest story of the nation today? Or will it be when Roger Clemens breaks down?

I think it was Terrell Owens who said, “Get your popcorn ready!”