What McDaniel has been waiting for

By Garrett Eagan, McDaniel Guru

The team has been shrouded in question, inconsistency and skepticism ever since their last great seasons in 2003 and 1995. The team has released some players who were effective to their production last year in exchange for fresh blood that has not been battle- tested in collegiate sports. What does this mean for a team that nothing to lose and everything to gain?
On paper from last season to this season, the Terror baseball team does not appear as if they have improved. However, this is the playoff team that McDaniel has been waiting for. With the addition of Harold Baines Jr, son of the Chicago White Sox and Orioles great, freshman infielder Kyle Pruitt and the recovery of sophomore Sergio Nieto, this should add to both the offensive and defensive areas that was lacking last season.

These players should mesh well with the already solid veterans like outfielders Chris Zimmerman and Russell Coover, junior first baseman Troy Tipton and catcher Justin Reitz, who have been starting since their freshman year. Defensively, the map looks the same with junior Zach Croft in the plains of right field and Brent Toms on the hot corner at third base; both are gifted with solid gloves.

This is a team that has been together and been playing since they were freshmen. However, the biggest problem facing this roster is the loss of their veteran infielders in the off-season, who had played past their potential last season.

From the bullpen, the Terror have Chase Wolf, Ryan Graves, Brian Rosato, Shawn Yohe and Jarrett Smith returning. Wolf, Yohe and Smith had solid outings last season but were inconsistent at times. Graves, who transferred from Randolph-Macon, had started the season in a slump but proved down the stretch that he was able to control the game from the rubber. Do the Terror fans have something to look forward to this season?

Recently talking with Dave Seibert, head coach of the Terror, he commented that he knows the team is older now, is focused and wants to win. He agreed that they definitely can make the playoffs because they are more mature this season. They have experienced players at every position. They are better in all phases of the game, and with that he also hinted that the Terror will surprise people this year.

The Terror is projected to finish ninth in the Centennial Conference. However, this team is more than capable to put McDaniel back into a conference playoff berth. Just because previous seasons have been unsatisfactory does not mean this one will continue that trend. With the addition of new recruits and returning players, there isn’t any reason why the Terror cannot finish well in the conference.