Position changes shift Reiff, Stokely

Roxanne Fleischer
News Co-Editor

Over summer break, McDaniel College made rearrangements to the faculty. Deans Henry Reiff and Sarah Stokely were both directly affected by what Stokely has called, “something of a chain reaction.”

The chain reaction started when Dr. Hughes, the former dean of Graduate and Professional Studies at McDaniel accepted the position of provost at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. Her leaving left an opening which was fulfilled by Dean Reiff who was formerly the Office of Academic Affairs.

Consequently, Reiff’s vacancy in the Office of Academic Affairs created an opening for Dean Stokely, whose new position is Associate Dean of Student Academic Life. Stokely’s previous position was the Assistant Dean for First Year Students. Her new position allows her to work with sophomores, juniors, and seniors rather than only freshman.

Both Reiff and Stokley have plans for their new positions and are keeping a positive outlook. Reiff says he is looking forward to some newer programs, such as the Center for the Study of Aging and our TESOL program, as well as proposals for programs in Online Teaching and Learning, and Global Executive Leadership. “Perhaps my most important
goal,” says Reiff, “is to be an effective supporter and advocate for staff, faculty,
and students in Graduate and Professional Studies.”

Stokely says her position will also involve supporting several campus offices in addition to students. One campus office that she will be working with is the new Center for Community Outreach and service (CCOS), which will be located in Hill Hall. Stokely will serve as Coordinator of Service-Learning, and provide support for faculty who may want to incorporate service-learning into classes.

Of course, all of the switching of positions has created an opening at Stokely’s former position as Dean of First Year Students. The replacement is Karen Violanti, who has recently been an instructor at Rochester Institute of Technology where she worked with first year students.