Armed Rouzer Robbery ends with prison term

Roxanne Fleischer
Co-News Editor

In late July, the McDaniel College community was able to finally find some relief and closure after the last of the three men arrested for armed robbery in Rouzer Hall last fall was sent to jail.

John Thomas Gibbs, 21, was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but will only serve 18 months. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery. The other two men involved. Brian Charles Prodoehl, 21, and Aaron Christopher Robertson, 20 will serve 10 and 3 years, respectively.

“We are happy that the criminal justice system has worked, and that they are in jail,” says campus safety officer Mike Webster.

Last fall, on Wednesday November 14, at around 11:10 p.m., the three men entered Rouzer Hall into Greg Vernon and Sergio Nieto’s, ’10, dorm room. Gibbs, Prodoehl, and Robertson wore all black, except for black and green bandanas over their faces, and blue latex gloves. One of the three carried a hand gun.

While no one was hurt, cash, a cell phone, an iPod, and a laptop were stolen from the room. Campus safety was notified and an email was sent out to students on Thursday, to make them aware of the incident.

Both Robertson and Prodoehl were arrested on Thursday, but Gibbs was not arrested until the morning of Friday, November 16.

According to the police, the robbery was not random; the men knew the victims whom they held at gunpoint.

Since the incident, changes have been made to Rouzer Hall, in order to increase security. Renovations to the north exterior door were made; there is no longer a handle and students can not enter through it. The Front Door has also been reinforced, whereas previously it was possible to be pulled open by force, it is no longer a problem.